There is a movement of global proportions which threatens the framework of western inclusive democracy. It is a dogmatic view of the world. A battle between Patriots and Globalists.

America succumbed to the false charisma and showmanship of Donald Trump – a retired reality TV star. Trump exalted the common man’s struggles, blaming trade deals and foreign influences for collapsing factories and a lack of opportunities.

And now the waves of this force are sweeping across continental Europe. The union, which has served the interests of peace and tranquility for fifty years, may be on its last legs.

With the British succumbing to nationalism and voting against inclusion in the European Union – they love their Island – in a referendum, the precedent had been set by a country that at one point was the greatest colonial power the world has ever seen.

The British succumbed. Who is next?

And now, Marine Le Pen, whose political paradigm is Patriots vs Globalists, is expected to make the final round of voting in the upcoming French presidential election. She is an ardent socialist who believes in closed borders, a “Frexit”, and has a Nationalistic fervor that can only be rivaled by a fantastical supervillain (think Voldemorts disgust of muggles). Her opponents have labeled her as an antisemite and islamophobe.

She is joined by Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician who has been called the Dutch Donald Trump. His far right stance on immigration, as well as his support for a Dutch escape from the European Union, puts him in the same boat as Le Pen.

And what would happen if Le Pen achieves victory?

The German’s are in the middle of a Greek state on the hinges of total economic collapse, an Italian government that has lost the trust of the people and may lose to another far-right nationalist party, The Spanish Republic which looks more likely to break up with each passing month, and The British who want nothing to do with them.

If France decides to go, then who will be in this great European Union?

Will there be one when the dust settles?



Futbol lover, Writer of Film and Fiction, wanderer of two worlds.

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