Francis Fukuyama, the economist and political scientist responsible for authoring the masterful and prophetic book “The End Of History and The Last Man,”  is a major voice in our currently polarized and seemingly apocalyptic world.

Children Of Men, arguably one of the most important films of the early 2000’s (which was snubbed by the Oscars — what else is new?) is, to Fukuyama, a masterpiece. A masterpiece in terms of its prophetic nature. The film has only gained more and more relevance, and become truer, as time has passed since its release in 2006.

Children Of Men tells the story of Theo Faren (played by a grizzled Clive Owen), a man who has lost purpose. Set in a not too distant future, a future where there are no longer any children. Women have lost the ability to give birth, thus making Theo, and his generation, the last people who will walk the earth. With no future to look forward to the world is swamped in chaos, social disorder, violence, and hedonism, symptoms of a world without children.

But when Theo is kidnapped by his ex-wife, now a revolutionary and defender of refugees and immigrants – who, similar to our own time, are rounded up and sent to prison, or back to their own chaotic countries – he finds purpose in her struggle: to protect and deliver Ki to the human project, an organization that is attempting to restart humanity. Unbeknownst to him at first, he soon discovers that Ki is pregnant: the first pregnant woman in eighteen years.

From depressed alcoholic vagabond to soldier of fortune willing to sacrifice himself to guarantee the future of all humanity, his evolution is symbolic of the current quandary our species finds itself in.

Fukuyama has some interesting things to say about this great film.


Worth watching?



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