As necessary as mythology is to everyday life, it can be said doubly in Futbol terms.

As far as we know (Latin Americans), it’s importance achieves a pragmatic and metaphysical need.

If passion is needed to enjoy a sport thoroughly, we will find a way to make it otherworldly and logical.

Boca Juniors fans believe that the colors of their kit run deep through their veins. The ancestry of the club, as well as its original roots, course through the hearts and souls of themselves and their homeland.

And their rivals think the same, that’s why the battle for dominance explodes at every single match.

The endless cacophony of chants is reminiscent of a bloody battlefield. It is at home, inside of “Lo Estadio” that “la Hinchada” meets to duel with visitors, or as supporters see it, invaders. Invaders who wish to snatch pride and points away from them, to defeat them on their hallowed ground.

Or the fascination with numbers. The number 10: fantastical playmaker. The number 9: marksman. The number 11: lightning fast winger. The number 8: the rock of defense. The number 7: Cristiano Ronaldo – he’s trademarked it, which only expresses his branding ability and consistency, but mythology is never insulated….

And each number is revered, a symbol of a type of player, legendary player, one who will be spoken of for generations as a “chosen one” in the same manner as an honored noble or emperor. A revered god.

It’s no surprise that most footballers are from humble beginnings. Rags to riches, from a dirty beach to the world cup, from poverty to super riches. It denotes the purity of the game. He made it because he was the best; he had to work for it, he had to be the best, no matter what. It’s a spiritual drive..or at least, it must be; at least, to us.

These players believe in loving the club crest and deifying the home field. Only through some spiritual means could this player rise up to play for such a team, to be a champion, to become great.

Makes perfect sense.

That’s how we see it.



Futbol lover, Writer of Film and Fiction, wanderer of two worlds.

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