In my last post, I had the pleasure of commenting on moments in the ’98 World Cup match between Argentina and England. To be honest, not much happen in the 2nd half of the match only because this fine exchange occurred:

I mean, I really don’t know where to start. I mean, no one bends it like Beckham. I mean, Simeone’s theatrics are worthy of an Oscar. I mean, the British commentator goes from accusing the referee of overreacting to agreeing with the call after the second replay. I mean, Beckham ruined an amazing game. I mean, dude, this has to be the brattiest moment in futbol, and of course it comes from a man that looks like he’s a descendant of the British royal family. I mean, Simeone apologized to Beckham, or did he? Or maybe it’s the fact that Beckham thought that Simeone was being cheeky by apologizing.

Regardless. After that moment this match became incredibly idle and was determined by penalities.

Moral of this post: Uhhhh, don’t be a brat or a sore loser.

Part One

lucas porfiglio is a writer and photographer based in brooklyn

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