This blog post might end up being deeply personal or it might not. Also, mercury is in retrograde till Jan. 8th and for all those horoscope fanatics out there like me should know it’s a tricky time to be posting bold declarations on social media but you know what… Fuck it.

I grew up rooting for Argentina’s national futbol team because my family all came to the U.S. from Argentina is the early 80’s, and they have rooted for only Argentina in all international competitions. I still root for Argentina now and continue to stroke my own ego about how awesome Argentina’s teams were in the past and present because let’s face it… Argentina is historically a pretty good fucking team.

The other day I was talking to Dan about the rivalry between England and Argentina. In particular the match during the ’98 World Cup. The teams met in the round of 16 and Argentina won the match in penalties, but it wasn’t without its fair share of drama.

I dated someone whose father is British, he was never a big futbol guy but when I visited some her family last summer I met her grandfather, and he was a fan of futbol. I was able to catch some of Man City’s match with him, and he was a rowdy one even at his ripe age. It was pretty awesome.

That being said, the reason for this post is that I entertained the idea of me watching the ’98 World Cup match only because I think it would have been great to shoot the shit with someone during that match but since I was only a kid when game went down I decided to give it my own oral history.


That’s a pretty fucking awesome way to build up some pre-game hype, anyone has to be impressed with the simplicity of overlays, they don’t do that anymore, by the way for those who don’t see any meaning in the highlights check the link in the third paragraph it will help make sense of the history.

Bob Wilson just called Argentina “cynical, volatile, and passionate,” but the good Sir Bobby Robson followed with “stern, hard, and very durable.” I have to admit that I’m perfectly content with that description for the people of Argentina.

Terry Benebles called Batistuta “arrogant-looking” and “full of himself,” but I really really really think that’s how the world feels about all Argentines, but you know what, at least we’re better looking than half the population on earth, yea, you can call me arrogant.

VAMOS LA PUTA MADRE! That’s Argentina’s battle cry and it perfectly captures my feelings after listening to the national anthem.

I totally relate to this moment. It has happen several times to me in my amateur sports career.

By the way, England’s goalies last name is spelled Seaman but pronounced semen. Dude, you were meant to fail with that last name. If I find myself working at a sperm donation center and see a tube labeled David’s Semen, I promise to burn it so that I can save future British fans from heartbreak.

Batistuta said he wanted to score a goal for his new-born son and he did #boss.



Yes, that is Coach Daniel Passarella smoking a cigarette on the bench. They don’t do it like they used to man.

What an amazing goal! The size of the balls it took to make that play can be only found amongst men of Argentine decent and that’s a fact…

Anyways, that’s it for the half. I’ll be back on Friday to give a lovely commentary of the 2nd half of the game.

lucas porfiglio is a writer and photographer based in brooklyn

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