Never looking in the same direction…

The two state solution is dead in the water. The funny thing is that it was never floating in the first place. We’ve been looking at a mirage in the distance. It’s finally faded away.

Did it ever exist?

Obama and Kerry decry the new Israeli position on the Two State Solution. Is it really new?  Or is this position part of a vast right-wing tidal wave that has swept across the parliamentary beaches of Israel’s institutions of Governance?

Depends on who you ask; like most things these days.

In 2008, when Big O pulverized the Repubs, taking the White House from beneath Mccain and Palin’s noses, he made promises to the American populous – or at least to those who read the paper and watch the news often enough. He would negotiate with the perceived problem child called Iran, and focus on the Middle Eastern Panacea known as the Two-State-Solution.

At this point (both 2008 and now) the Two-State-Solution deserves to be italicized. It is a thing in itself. A ubiquitous, catch-all phrase used to express a love for world peace and a ratiocinated political approach.

And that’s what Obama sounded like in 2008. A rational, knowledgeable, and discerning Politician. Just the kind we needed to end the terrible conflict that stains the earth with terror, radicalism, and cynicism.

MSNBC, whose journalism leans left, but reports from the center on Middle Eastern matters, invited the Israeli Ambassador to the United States onto their program. For twelve minutes, the man from Jerusalem wiped the floor with Kerry and Obama. He focused on the main idea, never straying, or digressing.

The speech Kerry gave could have been given during Obama’s first year in office, said the Ambassador. He mentioned the instability in the Middle East, albeit briefly, showing a knowledge of the region that seemed to escape the Obama Team.

Despite what many – including myself – want to admit, it’s clear that the only country in the Middle East that can rival the development of a superpower or European Nation is Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s love for Israel and everything it means to the Israeli’s and their ethnic brother and sisters is the stuff of public record. One does not need to look too far and wide to understand the zeal with which he governs. In 2008, when he said “NO” to the Two-State-Solution, you can imagine that a politician with a ratiocinated approach would look to form an alternative option for the achievement of peace. Obama did not seek one.

He, like so many others, forced it. He galvanized his supporters. He made judgment calls. He used the United Nations. He took on a cause that went against his greatest ally in the region.

The settlements are illegal in the eyes of the international community, but not in the eyes of the Israeli’s. Netanyahu is simply doing service to his people. So, with this, you can only imagine how he felt about an agreement that didn’t serve his ends.

Did Obama and Kerry ever look through the eyes of the man they were trying to negotiate with?

Depends on who you ask; like most things these days.

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