As far back as 2008, it was not uncommon to hear the then President-Elect compared to an infamous German Chancellor who sported a mustache inspired by a legendary movie star with the last name Chaplin. The comparison became part of a perturbed cacophony that shouted madness as much as it germinated fringe conspiracy theories. All the while, at every single anti-President protest, it was not hard to find posters of the President Elect with the questionable mustache poorly drawn on his face, followed by a spray-painted swastika in the background.


As recently as early 2015, the trend has been reinvigorated. But this time around it is not by those on the far right whose idea of a quality end to a workday involves binge watching Fox News and the meanderings of Hannity and Coulter. Or the “anti-establishment” Republicans whose ideas of reproductive rights involve a doctors-note-ordered-abortion. Now it is American Left’s turn.


It is the left: in one way or another, the entire world has turned upside town; topsy-turvy, if you will.

The Left, whose graceful use of language has caused the general population – that watches cable news and reads the New York Times – to see the Right with dogmatic eyes. The Left, whose forays into identity politics, have galvanized groups of people — who were previously apathetic to politics — into a swarm of passionate and zealous political warriors.

Thomas Sowell was one of the first conservative intellectuals of notable high standing to bring up a sort of connection that Obama’s political campaigning had to Hitler. Albeit loquacious, his analysis of Hitler youth being congenial to the droves of young people getting behind the Obama bandwagon could be considered civil at best, and at the worst, profligate. Beside the “Oh My Goodness” feigned reaction, the substance of Sowell’s observation can be heard in an interview he gave on Rush Limbaugh’s ( infamous but for different reasons) radio show.

Considering the intellectual acumen of Thomas Sowell, and the library of books published under his name, and the numerous degrees he has earned, all of them from some of the most well-respected institutions in the world (Harvard, Columbia, those types of places…), it is hard to understand why someone so well educated can have such a vexing opinion about a President. How could it be possible that a man with a BRAIN can cast such an aspersion?

Sowell believes that Obama is an elitist and an egomaniac.


Hitler, whose egomania has been thoroughly analyzed since his death and the war that was brought to a halt as result of it, did indeed share that characteristic with Obama.

And in early 2015, a man with small hands and indiscernible hair, whose fame was a product of his forays into the world of Reality Television (where egos are born), took the podium to announce his presidency and virulently denounce Mexicans in a desultory speech; a speech that begged to be picked apart by the American Left Wing. It was apparent to those who saw the speech that the man behind the podium must have suffered from some kind of mental disorder; maybe narcissism, maybe egomania, something like that.

What do you need, then, to be compared to Adolf Hitler: a gigantic EGO; the ability to draw large crowds; the ability to stimulate a large group of the populous and motivate them to vote for you using rhetoric that is strident to some and inspirational to others.

Obama’s legacy is now up for debate. The end of his presidency is coming, and modern day intellectuals and journalists are licking their lips at the prospect of finally writing how they believe Big O will be remembered.

What we can say is this: Obama will not be remembered for exterminating 6 million people; nor will he be remembered for invading Poland and starting World War 2. He also did not dissolve congress, win an election without gaining one public vote, or create a party dedicated fully to the propagation of Aryan fascism.

And Donald Trump, whom we are now left with as result of a Democratic blunder and an arrogant female candidate whose best response to losing an election is to blame fake news and Vladimir Putin (Don’t worry, I’ll write about it when the time is right) is left standing.

After some xenophobic leaning comments, ones he made when first announcing his candidacy, Trump continued his offensive hot streak. Next, he exulted his plan to create a Muslim registry and discontinue immigration from the Middle East. The Left had a field day. It was his “stoked up hateful rhetoric.” And the lambast of a lack of voices within the republican party countering his hateful statements. His use of hate and racism against certain groups drew comparisons to the man with the Chaplin mustache.

You can imagine the self-righteous screams: “He’s Hitler!”

But Hitler became Hitler, not because of some words, but because of concentration camps. Because an entire generation of Jewish people lost their loved ones, their homes, and their way of life.

Obama’s rhetoric, his “arrogance,” and his ability to get young people interested in politics automatically made him a “Hitler.”

And Trump’s unpopular opinions, his polarizing ideas, and his strong rhetoric, made him a “Hitler” as well.

I ask this question: have any of these men have killed 6 million people?

In the last eight years, American Politics has produced two “Hitlers.”

There are two explanations: American Politics produces more National Socialists now than ever before, or Hitler is a misnomer.

I go with the latter.

Our intellectuals have lost the plot. More later.

Futbol lover, Writer of Film and Fiction, wanderer of two worlds.

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