i focused on truth this summer. i know, we are part of a global economy in which the truth does not matter, or has become so convoluted due to the cryptic language of postmodern philosophers.

you know, theorist that have decided to make philosophy so inaccessible to the masses, because they either subconsciously viewed philosophy as a exclusive club for pompous assholes that want to drink scotch and smoke cigars together, or that philosophy is a tool of power that in the hands of the masses could be dangerous, and so, for the sake of the greater good the assholes decided to make its language a bunch of jargon with little meaning, or cryptic meaning that only the assholes that are a part of the club can understand.

that was a mouthful.

orwell said that excellent writing is precise, clear and avoids excess.

and i’m here to write about the truth. you know, the kind of truth that will set us all free from the grips of oppression with precise language.

lucas porfiglio is a writer and photographer based in brooklyn

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