I had the pleasure of watching fantastic beast and where to find them over thanksgiving weekend and I have to admit that it wasn’t an amazing movie but as a die-hard fan of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World I was excited to get my first glimpse of Grindelwald.

Conclusion, he’s a pretty badass dark wizard. I mean he took on at least three aurors with one flick of the wand.


If you don’t think that was a display of mastery in magic then you and I shouldn’t be friends. The only other time a wizard took on multiple auroras was Dumbledore in the Order of the Phoenix when Dumbledore’s Army was discovered, and he did it without flicking his wand.


Grindelwald’s appearance got me thinking about lord Voldemort, only because it would be awesome if Grindelwald and Voldemort met at the height of their powers for a wizard duel. we can only leave it to the imagination since the height of Lord Voldemort’s power is only told through 2nd hand accounts in the series but, post ’94 Voldemort wasn’t a joke.

So why call this post Oligarchies of the Wizarding World? Because Voldemort desired conquering both wizarding and muggle worlds in order to create a hierarchy based on race, with pure-blood wizards on top. There is evidence all over the series to back this up but just take a look at the language used amongst Death Eaters and the ideological backgrounds of Malfoys’ and Lestranges’ two families that Voldemort kept in his inner circle.

Grindelwald’s goal was to end the statue of secrecy and create a hierarchy lead by wise and powerful wizards.

And, there it is, Grindelwald’s rule is based on a wizard’s magical ability. We could argue that a magical beast in Grindelwald’s regime holds a higher status than muggles because they posses magical abilites.

I wouldn’t want to be ruled by either personally and there is no reason to argue which of the dark wizards political ideology is worse, it’s clear that their means to the end are different, and sure, we can attempt to place a moral statement on which mean is worse, but in this case, the end is what we fight against.

That being said, I think Voldemort would have taken Grindelwald in a highly competitive duel.


lucas porfiglio is a writer and photographer based in brooklyn

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