dear fidel

i’m going to write to you tonight. only because you took care of a country, and that is as simply as i can put it. on the day your ashes are being carried across cuba, the president-elect of the united states decided to speak with tawain’s president, this apparently hasn’t occurred since 1979 and according to several media outlets this is going to clearly anger chinese officials, in 1979 you were elected the nonaligned movement’s chair. i clearly digress, but there’s a point to it and it is this: you’re death made me think about my stance on the left, what remains of the left in united states, and what the left can do in the wake of a new american presidency.

to be honest, i’m not involved in any group that aligns itself with a leftist ideology. i choose instead to be nonaligned because a majority of the american left continues to expect change through the protest. I know these are the roots for a movement of change but at no point does it make an impact. It hasn’t made one in the last eight years.

These movements are the remains of the left in united states. in the spirit of a orwellian novel the media controls what we see and don’t see, even if outlets like twitter and facebook push the agenda’s of these organizations.

regardless, the few pockets of resistance will continue to grow, and that’s what they exactly have to do. grow.

p.s. there are rumors in united states about if there are erected statues of you in cuba. i hope others never consider this letter idolization and that those rumors are true.

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lucas porfiglio is a writer and photographer based in brooklyn

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