It wasn’t November 9th, but 10th. It was November 10th. The day Donald Trump destroyed the democratic party. The result was unlike what so many analysts and supposed “smart people” had predicted; the result did not fit into the desired reality posed by democrats, or so-called progressives.

Progress comes to a halt when the obsession with milestones trumps (got you there) the needs of the present. Outcomes can be manipulated, molded, and aspired to. In science, this attitude is considered “bias.” In philosophy, it is considered bad reasoning. In literature, conflation. In art, pretentiousness. In politics, a strong campaign.

In politics, a strong campaign.

The last one should be difficult to reason. How can a campaign be strong if it’s more obsessed with milestones than the needs of the moment in which it exists? How can a campaign possibly connect with people who do not care about milestones, but about the present moment they find themselves in, one of possibly great stress? Can it be that such a campaign is not strong, but weak? Can it be that supporters of such a campaign cannot see the irony they have collectively contributed to, both with their attention and individual energies?

Impediments are plenty in politics. There are checks and balances in our representative democracy. Local elections to counter state elections to counter nationwide elections; the winners looking out for their constituents interests, rights, ideas, desires, ad infinitum.

Certain leaders sway support based on deals they made in the past. Faustian bargains that were drawn up and agreed upon, sometimes with such a speed that those involved fail to see the Faustian essence; because it could never happen to them, they are too intelligent to let it. They cannot be bested. They cannot fall under the spell. No, sir. They’re too good to fail.


On March 15th, Bernie Sanders spoke to an unprecedented crowd after an astounding set of primary victories. Unprecedented and astounding for a politician with socialist leanings. A politician whose campaign was funded by independent donations that averaged 27$. A politician running against a candidate that had, for nearly a quarter of a century, rubbed shoulders with the American Elite in Arkansas and New York, and then finally, the Athens of American Politics, Washington D.C.  And not only had this candidate rolled with the big boys and girls on the international stage as a Secretary Of State, they also fomented the possibility of achieving a milestone just by running for president: to be the first Woman elected to the American Presidency.

Her supporters were almost unable to stay lucid under such a thought. To be a part of history. To tell their children and grandchildren, or future historians, that they were part of the passionate and devoted group that broke the glass ceiling, once and for all. “To be a part of…”

“To be a part of the first…”

These are the words that burned into their minds. The phrase they muttered each night before they closed their eyes and began the never-ending dream implanted into them by a campaign that inadvertently impeded progress in the United States of America.

For it was Hillary Clinton who could not help but incessantly promote herself as the candidate that could fix the troubles of everyday Americans. Troubles that she could not possibly understand because: how does a former first lady and career politician know anything other than doing what is necessary to cling to power? What does a career politician know of the common man except tell them what is good for them and then ask (sometimes demand) for their vote?

Unlike Hillary Clinton’s campaign – whose message eventually became so hackneyed that it relied on a reality tv star’s reactionary grunts and moans for purpose -, Bernie Sanders speech on March 15th was filled to the brim with a strong message that resonated with the disenchanted, disenfranchised, and ignored; the same people that eventually voted for President Elect Trump (that was difficult to write), or third party candidates.

The Democratic National Committee could not help but take the Faustian bargain: Hillary over Bernie. The bargain failed to include two other very important and powerful parties: the American Public and the American Voter. The former had sided with Bernie, the latter, Hillary. The former could not become the latter. It was the DNC and their purposely convoluted primary process that made it impossible for the public’s voice to be heard. Imposing restrictions and sticking by them despite the obvious impediments. Thus, creating a result that gave them the confirmation they needed to move forward with the plan that had been in place since the coronation of the Obama Presidency in 2008. A Presidency that was made possible by his winning the nomination, tearing it from the awaiting hands of the then-frontrunner Hillary. Instead of continuing her campaign, she suspended it, falling in line to let Obama stride forward. But she would not leave empty-handed. After achieving a historic victory, Obama chose her to be the Secretary Of State, where her misuse of email servers would make it that much easier for a future Donald Trump campaign to ride off into the sunset with a dubious victory.

Coupled with emails, the alienation of the American Public and their inability to become primary voters, the DNC only added more fuel to the Trump fire by favoring Hillary every step of the way. The DNC’s servers were hacked, emails were stolen and posted on WikiLeaks, the information revealing enough about the inner workings of the DNC that it made it – again – that much easier for Trump’s campaign. What was revealed? The Faustin Bargain.

Pick Hillary and you will be winners. Pick Hillary and you will have all the support you need. You will have the presidency. And when the outcome is in doubt, do what you must. Work with journalists, provide them access for writing positive stories about us. Make sure your opponent isn’t heard or seen on Television screens saying appealing things to the masses you’ve chosen to actively ignore.

But it is not Hillary who is the devil here. It is the DNC that sold themselves out for a place in history and the power that comes with it. It was the DNC that became the arrogant impediment to democracy.

They chose the power of a Milestone over the voices of the People. Hillary represented the Milestone, Bernie, the people.

Hillary was their candidate. Bernie, the peoples.

It was the manipulation of data, of journalism, of people and outcomes. Poll numbers were stretched. Voters denied. Ideas rejected. Candidates ignored. All this was done to achieve the milestone. “At all costs, achieve the milestone”, they must have said this to themselves every night.


Futbol lover, Writer of Film and Fiction, wanderer of two worlds.

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