GOPThis morning I awoke at 6:30. Last night-while watching the Republican Debate-I wrote a blog post. I was spurred on to do this after quickly viewing a trailer for a new movie starring James Franco (Click here).

Tomorrow the new Star Wars film will be released, and the masses will rejoice, and watch this film with jovial eyes and popcorn filled mouths. My cousins and I have planned to see the film together because we grew up as fans of the series and therefore have opinions: we are modest fanboys.

To add: I’ve never, ever dressed up to go see a movie. We (my cousins and I) are more obsessed with what Star Wars means and not how it looks-we cared about what it looked like (the swinging lightsabers and all) when we were kids who liked to drape ourselves in Star Wars paraphernalia on days like Halloween and the occasional convention (much more down to earth than comic con).

Back to:

When I was a child-when life was more simple and sincere-I woke up early on the weekends. My waking up early was motivated by the need to go to the basement of my house and watch Star Wars on VHS. My parents bought me the special editions, and I made the most of them, watching them religiously on Saturday mornings before my house was stirring with the presence of my other awakened family members. This is how I became a fan.

As I grew, so did my perception of the series of movies that detailed an epic struggle between the forces of good and evil. One that detailed complex eastern mythology ensconced within the epic western storyline of Rebels against the oppressive forces of an Empire; the ideas of fascism, of rebellion, of imperialism, and spirituality.

So time went on, and I began to understand what the movies were truly expressing. And then the new movies came out…

The prequel trilogy: three movies, all of them a disappointments to some extent, all three filled with moments of scathing mediocrity, the type that makes ones bones chill to ice, but only for a moment.

But, again, my perception of them grew, and nearly ten years later I understand what these movies are telling me, telling us.

And now the new one comes out…

I need time to breathe. Maybe i’ll drink a coffee, artisanal, of course. Maybe i’ll read “The Warriors” by Sol Yurick; that can give me some perspective-and I also have neglected reading it, so maybe my anxiety is coming from that and not the feeling of being smothered by this Film Series. A Film Series whose dense messages take a very long while to decode, and yet it continues to this day, SEVEN INSTALLMENTS. (Caps for emphasis)

And I cannot help but feel lost in an endless loop. What else can I learn from this series? What else can I experience? I wonder…out loud like a pensive ape meandering through heavy brush in a wild jungle, scratching his chin with every step: a philosopher ape.

This philosopher ape is stuck in rehash. Circling, circles, loops, looping.

Much like these political debates which demand the attention of the entire populous for reasons that are superficial. The same debates, the same point, the same “comebacks.”Same. Exact. Narrative

And then I realize that the candidates in the debate are also rehashing views and argumentative points from past debates as well…

Much like Star Wars-but the package is more sleek, in the same vein as Carly Fiorina’s feminine business attire, or Chris Christie obesity: looks different, but what it means, what they mean to say, has not changed.


Futbol lover, Writer of Film and Fiction, wanderer of two worlds.

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