I remember a time when I imagined myself gaining insight into the world without doing much. Something like this would pop into my head frequently, and more often than not, in a huge burst. It was as if my thoughts led me into a trance. A soundwave of thoughts backed by many voices; and they would all circle the inside of my head from top to bottom, from right to left ,and finally, to the center.I thought that it could be possible to control these thoughts if I just let them speak in full resonance. To provide them with the focus that was meant for other things: like speaking with interest, or laughing with enthusiasm, or looking/gazing at things with perspicaciousness. This was not the case.

So I decided to grow up; I decided to read some books; I decided to read more; I read more; I eventually read a lot; now I read a lot.

Since this “change” or what some could call, “alteration”, I have gained even more thoughts! Now I have more shit to think about, and that means more voices, and that means more focus on them. Yes, I am a more focused man; but what am I focusing on? I couldn’t tell you…

Maybe it’s the overly keen nature of stock brokers and their friends who read the business section of the New York Times while eating greek yogurt and underlining the “buzzwords” as to assist their broker pals and their financial algorithims. Or the ideas that led to the creation of a financial system that makes the aforementioned person “exist”.

I know, its gotta be the amount of people on the world who don’t know what the word “perspicacity” means; oh, and also, that one creative writing professor who didn’t have a clue as to what it meant, but then tried to correct your use of it. Then, wondering how a world such as our own (OUR) could be capable of producing such an absurd scenario.

I think it’s actually the amount of time we all spend trying to be “ourselves” while being total dicks to one another. I mean, yes life is rough (The earth is rough right now), but the peculiar aspects of our own individual experiences are not meant to create a pissed off populous. I mean come on, if you were meant to be a jerkoff then how did we (MANKIND) get this far? We would all just kill each other right away! Why wait! Why would we wait!

Now, back to reading: the most insane stuff you can learn is in a book. Why? Because the imagination of a person is more insane than the imagination that nature posseses. People are crazy, people write books. Nature is just a regulator; and we (people) do what we can to get around him/her (for the feminists and Men’s rights dudes; I don;t want to piss any of you off by using the wrong gender specific word). It’s like those crazy people who climb fences to get into festivals, or bankers who create fake businesses in third world countries to avoid paying taxes. The laws imposed on us must be curtailed, must be manipulated, must be altered (there it is again) as to better suit OUR interests; and I don’t mean our but OUR (MANKIND).

So, now we have more than thoughts but CRAZY THOUGHTS. We have more people thoughts. Now you do not have your own thoughts but the thoughts of others. More voices to srot through. SO many goddamn voices; and now there is no turning back because they will stay there forever. Its all “simplicity.”

Futbol lover, Writer of Film and Fiction, wanderer of two worlds.

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